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WUXI KAIDELIN CONFECTIONERY FOOD CO.,LTD.  is situated on shore of the scenery beautiful Tai Lake, it is from the airport of Wuxi, the train station and the Shanghai and Nanjing high road to company only 15 minute. traffic advantage

The company established in 1998, 9000 square meters, including the workshop, the storehouse and the office building floor space amounts to 12000 square meters, have two 630KV transformer substations, have a 200 tons water disposal plants in one day, the factory workshop is the central air conditioning, the virescence of factory is very well.

The company collects the domestic and foreign outstanding technical strength, has a high quality management troop and 200 staff teams, in line with “strives for realism, the development, the innovation” spirit; Strives for realism highly effective, consumer's supreme principle;improves, strives for perfection is continually all staff's eternal pursue quality policy, for many years has relied on its product fine, the quality excellent sets up the good prestige, product best-selling each place and exports Southeast Asia, the Mideast.

The company at present has domestic and foreign most new style manufacture each kind of candy (for example lollipop, toffee, pressure sugar pieces and so on), the chewing gum production equipment, the facility,the production management chewing gum, the chewing gum, the ball sugar, the stick of candy, the block sugar, the sugar pieces, the capsule sugar and each kind of candy, the variety is many, The feeling in the mouth is novel, the packing is unique, moreover the product includes the pleasure, worm-preventing clean functions and so on tooth, clean oral cavity. The main brand “in a big way has only”, “the intelligence express train” the chewing gum series product; “Only “is triumphant works”, it” the chewing gum series product; “Leef”, “the sports cup” presses the sugar pieces and the chewing gum series product and so on.

The prospect of company is:

To become a sweets company that owns good reputation at home abroad;

To become a company owning top-grade products which are trusted deeply by the consumers;

To become a company that employs,trains and develops top-grade talented persons;

To become a company that has top-grade management system and principle;

To become a company that continuously earnings and debelops,thus can constuct such acompany that can make employees and the very family and communities get continual development.

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